Frontier Driving Academy | Training Vehicle
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Training Vehicle

The Honda Civic is the perfect training vehicle for the novice driver. This vehicle allows a driving student to feel comfortable and confident whether behind the wheel for the first time or for the use of their Road Test. Like all training cars, this vehicle is equipped with a mandatory dual brake system and rear view mirror on the passenger side to ensure your safety. Additional features, like Honda’s ECON technology, really separates this training vehicle apart from others and enables you to learn how to drive smart and safe.

Honda’s ECON feature gives new drivers immediate feedback on their driving habits. The lights on the sides of the speedometer will range from dark blue to bright green based on your driving style. If you are driving efficiently and smoothly, the lights show bright green. Accelerate too quickly and inefficiently and the lights change to bright blue. A great feature for new drivers to get into the habit of driving as safe and economical as possible.